Oracabessa Housing Association, St Mary Parish, Jamaica

The town of Oracabessa is located on the north east coast of Jamaica and was formerly the main port for the export of bananas.  It is a beautiful settlement unspoiled by post war development with an undeveloped Caribbean Sea waterfront.  Studies have suggested that development of GoldenEye Hotel and the waterfront across to Jacks River would generate some 2800 new jobs which might result in the doubling of the towns population.

We have established the Oracabessa Housing Association, Jamaica’s first to help regenerate, restore and develop the town as a seaside destination.  The Association would provide housing for those working in the tourism sector and restore the many fine examples of Jamaica vernacular architecture.  The Association would build on the achievements of the GoldenEye Hotel, the GoldenEye Foundation and the Oracabessa Fish Sanctuary.

The images shown above summarise our proposals and formed part of a Jamaican Government initiative to share ideas with countries of the Caribbean and Latin America at a Regional Conference in Montego Bay.